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  • 11th May
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Gluten Free Pizza - DELIVERED!

My birthday was Wednesday and one week ago, I had a cervical fusion.  So, I am on bed rest for one month.  I am so bored.  I should be blogging more but I choose to play on EBay and online shop.  I may be homeless when this is all over.  But, I digress….

The Man and I decided to order in pizza and have ice cream for a celebration I could engage in and we ordered from Isopo’s Downtown Pizza on Erie Boulevard in Schenectady.  They have recently launched a Gluten Free Pizza and I decided to give it a try how I like it best - extra cheese baby!  It was AMAZING!  The crust held together and was thin and crispy like a nice thin crust NY pizza, the sauce - which they make from scratch daily - was the perfect blend of tomato and spice, sweet and salty, with a hint of a meaty taste to it - and the cheese was fresh.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  Plus, it was deliverable, which for those of you who are gluten free know, is nearly impossible.  

I encourage you all to try Isopo’s Downtown Pizza - tell them Gretchen sent you!

In future blogs, I will be bringing you through my post surgical journey to lose 60 pounds via Weight Watchers and trying to stay Glamorously Gluten Free!  I encourage you all to join my journey in spirit and thought!